Linda D., Swisslife-Select:

"... Topic number 1 in the office corridors!"

" ... Your prediction game is simply fantastic! It gives us a lot of pleasure and is the number 1 topic in the office corridors...

Hans F., Techem GmbH, Senior Corporate Communications Manager:

"... really great support ..."

" ... Thank you very much for the great support during the betting game!"

Dirk B., Bayer Business Services GmbH, Communications:

"... great support and always fast support"

... The betting game with around 14,000 participants was a complete success for us!"

Dennis M., Deutsche Funkturm headquarters, IT systems supporter:

"... super support for the World Cup betting game ..."

" ... I would like to thank you again for the great support for the World Cup betting game!"

Werner S., Siemens AG, Communications and Government Affairs:

"In a time of tickets and processes, a surprisingly positive way of working together."

" ... the World Cup is over and so is our prediction game. With over 11,000 participants, it was the most successful prediction game we have ever organised. But it wasn't just the number of participants that pleased us ...

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Christina W., BALLCOM GmbH:

"... Great and easy to use site ..."

" ... Great and easy to use site - at least that's the feedback from our team."

Torsten E., T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, UEC Corporate Development & Comm:

"... super partner, always fast and competent!"

"Everyone had a lot of fun and thank you again! You were a really great partner, always fast and competent!!!"

Margit B., MAUSER International Packaging Institute GmbH:

"... great support ..."

"Best regards and thank you again for your great support!"